Le Premier Jour de l'étincelle
Nathalie Guiot

Completed printing on the first day of summer 2020
Graphics design: Simon Dara

This collection of poems was printed in 200 copies
50 works, numbered and signed by the author, constitute the leading edition
Isbn: 978-2-931104-00-2

During spring 2020, Nathalie Guiot creates a community of poets, an Ishtar publishing house and this first collection of poems that she will disperse in the wind.

The rooms of this house that the new poetess wishes to offer to the world could bear the titles of her poems: la chambre d’art,Verticale ; la chambre de littérature féminine, Rise and Shine ; la chambre poétique, Renaissance ; la chambre des voyages, Nos Pas ; la chambre de création, Précipice ; la chambre d’amour, Parfum ; la chambre de Barbe Bleue (aka the room of secrets), Piquer une tête. We will have to open the doors of each of them as we flip through the pages of a book.

Publishing a first collection of poems is a perilous undertaking. Nathalie Guiot is daring, continues to write and create. Nathalie’s words sing. Ishtar is listening. We read aloud, dreaming with her of a lifesaving happiness.

This First Day will call for many more Sparks.

Barbara Polla, May 2020

An art collector, patron, author and curator, Nathalie Guiot is the founder of the Fondation Thalie in Brussels. With the help of writer Barbara Polla and visual artist Pascale Barret, she produced Equinox(es), a platform for poetic readings aloud. The First Day of the Spark is his first collection of poems.

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